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TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. strives to provide an accessible option for individual teachers seeking credential readiness and agencies seeking to build great teachers across the world. As a Vocational Institute for Early Care and Learning Practitioners TIPS International believes in giving those working with children the opportunity to participate in high-quality early childhood credential instruction. TIPS International early care instructional programs provide fast-track programs to those needing the Child Development Associate CDA credential. Through our unique CDA JumpStart Support Programs participants fast-track their earning of clock hours, build a portfolio and participate in test prep (where applicable). Enrollment Access allows pre-primary teachers (0-5), nannies, Au Pairs, School Age, Group Home, and Foster parents courses to meet their credential goals in as few as 30 days to 12 Weeks. Students can engage in classes either on site for one week or online via one of our virtual courses with a live instructor and coaches from anywhere in the world. 

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Popular Courses

CDA JumpStart Online

Earn a total of 120 Clock hours in 12 Weeks. This course meets once a week online with a live instructor.  Students participate in classes, portfolio support, and test prep.

Portfolio Completion
$ 100.00

Are you currently enrolled in an online program and could use help with just your portfolio? This program will support your competency statements and portfolio preparation.

CTE High School Online CDA

Weekly Online cyber courses for secondary junior and seniors to learn foundation of early care and learning to meet career goals.

Infant Toddler (CDA) Online
$ 120.00

This is a 12 week online course only meeting once a week for one hour online. This is a great option for infant/toddler teachers anywhere in the world seeking to earn early learning credentials.

Home Visitor CDA
$ 1099.00

One week intensive hybrid for early care and learning practitioners to support Child Development Associate Credential.

TIPS Certified Training
$ 2500.00

This course is a one week intensive designed to support Head Start Coaches and Curriculum Specialist create training and coaching programs to aid in CDA Candidate success.


We Are Different from others

Online Student Life

Enroll now and join into one of our fast track classes with a live instructor.  Students enjoy the flexibility of joining into class only once a week from home or a remote location for only one hour each week. Typical course is only 12 weeks (Fast Track 30 day and onsite One Week Options Are Available). Join in today and join hundreds of students take back their time.

Excellent Instructors

We are a student focused institute, our teaching community is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about creating the best Early Childhood Vocational School with a focus on Praxis Based strategies. TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. offers the tools and support necessary for our adult learners to reach their full potential. We adopt and implement the use of research and evidence based course and framework into every instructional package.

Perfect Programs

We hold our students to the highest standard of excellence, a TIPS Certified teacher has demonstrated mastery of early learning competence prior to applying for their Credential Status. Every students process is manually reviewed with a dialogue of areas of strengths and  improvement our instructors build  and support them in maximizing on their full professional potential.

Meet our respected team

Shawntel Green
Executive Director

Years of cultivating excellence as an advocate, speaker and early care and learning online instructor.

Richard Smith
Financial Affairs

Excellent communicator with years of experience in finance and informational technology.

Billie Green- Smith
Senior Instructor

Years of fostering early care and learning practitioners through mentoring and intentional teaching strategies.

Jyana Crosby

A mentor to day one colleagues is just as important as training and the related content. Modeling that expectation to the early care community is a passion for Ms. Crosby.